I am Nana Opoku, the creator of iopoku1.

I am an interactive designer & a mixed media artist who was born & raised in Tema, Ghana. I graduated from Swarthmore College in 2014, where I studied Economics & Statistics.

So why am I here designing stuff & creating things you may wonder?

The simple answer: passion.

The passion to create gave me the unique opportunity to work at awesome places like Night Kitchen Interactive & Tarkwa Breman Community Alliance, the chance to collaborate with many amazing artists worldwide, the privilege to exhibit in art shows internationally & also the joy to simply have fun making things. Like iopoku1.

But what exactly is iopoku1?

At the moment I like to think of iopoku1 as an art & design studio with a goal to tell better stories.

Through iopoku1, I offer art & design services which will inspire you & help you tell your personal story or your brand’s story like it should be told.

Are you interested in working with iopoku1? Are you interested in purchasing a piece of art? Connect with me at iopoku.one@gmail.com & subscribe to our mailing list here.

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